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The Salt lake tribune

Our Mission

The Tribune is Utah’s independent voice. Building on a legacy of courageous, watchdog journalism, we strive to tell stories that are interesting, important and inclusive. Dedicated to fairness and accuracy, we aim to engage and empower you — our readers.


Our Nonprofit Model

In a historic move, the IRS approved a new nonprofit Salt Lake Tribune in October 2019, making it the first legacy newspaper in the U.S. to transform from a for-profit company to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Under this new business model, The Tribune will continue to offer subscriptions and accept traditional advertising (although it will pay taxes on that income). But now, the newspaper can also receive donations — large and small — from donors who may receive a tax deduction for their donation. Since our approval, we’ve heard from hundreds of supporters from Utah and across the country, so thank you for the donations and encouragement!

On the editorial side, The Tribune will continue offering unmatched reporting on state and local government, politics, the environment, education, religion, criminal justice, sports and the variety of rich stories about the people and places that make Utah special. The only substantive change readers will notice is that The Tribune’s editorial board — which operates independently of the news staff — will no longer make candidate endorsements. Nonprofits can’t do that under federal law.

The Salt Lake Tribune is pioneering one path forward for local news.



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