Welcome to Salt City Best


Salt Lake City is a unique place. We live, shop, eat and play in the Salt Lake area and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The Salt Lake Tribune is presenting the Salt City Best in 2022 to engage the community in celebrating the places, restaurants and local businesses we love.

In 2021, Salt City Best had over 7,000 businesses, organizations, and individuals competing to be named in the top three spots of 323 categories.


During our voting, more than 25,000 votes were cast, an amazing response in our first year and a testament to how customers, fans, and friends feel about their favorite local businesses and the pride they have for the Salt Lake City area. Nominations for Salt City Best open June 27.

Salt City Best Promotion

Salt City Best will have strong support from SLTrib.com, SaltCityBest.com, The Salt Lake Tribune newspaper and social media. Additional paid and organic social media promotion will accompany the promotion.


​Promotion will begin prior to nominations, during nominations, prior to voting, during voting, prior to results and during our big reveal of the 2022 winners.​


The Salt Lake Tribune will put over $50,000 in marketing support promoting Salt City Best, driving participation and ensuring success for the community and local businesses.

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Our free asset kit provides badges that you can include with your social media, on your website and with emails. Getting out the vote couldn't be easier.  Click here and get your free assets!